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Neige, neige blanche

Neige, neige blanche
Tombe sur les manches
Et sur mon tout petit nez
Qui est tout gelé.

Neige, neige blanche
Tombe sur ma tête
Et sur mes tout gros souliers
Qui sont tout mouillés.

Neige, neige blanche,
Viens que je te mange:
Pose-toi tout doucement
Comme un p’tit fondant.


A traditional French children’s song.
Honestly, such songs must be the best way to learn a (new) language: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, even heart—it’s all there.

Source: Les plus belles comptines de Noël 2009; de la collection «Succès», Les Éditions Éveil & Découvertes.
CD included in this colourful 26-page book. Illustrators: Francesca Assirelli, Martina Peluso. Musical arrangements: Collectif Enfance.
For younger children, I can also strongly recommend a small but beautiful board book + CD with 20 comptines. It too is called «Les plus belles comptines de Noël», produced by Formulette; éditeur Jeunesse, 2014. Its producer/creator is Rémi Guichard; the songs are also interpreted by Rémi, along with les ateliers chansons d’Auxerre; illustrations by Marie-Pierre Tiffoin. (In fact, the music on this CD is quieter, gentler than on the first one mentioned. The selection of songs is somewhat similar, but I’d say, with more variety in the presentation.)

«Neige, neige blanche»—la mélodie (solfège):

do (do) sol (sol) mi — re —
do (do) sol sol mi — re —
sol sol la la ti ti do —
sol fa mi re do — — —