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This Is My Rock

This is my rock,
And here I run
To steal the secret of the sun;

This is my rock,
And here come I
Before the night has swept the sky;

This is my rock,
This is the place
I meet the evening face to face.


From One at a Time (1977) the collected poems of David McCord (1897 – 1997), well-loved American poet, author, and editor, as well as tireless promoter of and fundraiser for that country’s colleges. Most of his verse is directed to children of all ages; the poems are often playful in tone, and all have a fluid precision of language.  McCord was also an amateur naturalist whose delight in the natural world is evident in his poetry.  He was the recipient of the first / newly-established national Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) , as well as many other recognitions over his lifetime.
The illustrations / drawings included throughout this anthology are those of Henry B. Kane.

McCord ends his introduction to the book with a dedication / benediction:

Blessed Lord, what it is to be young:
To be of, to be for, be among —

Be enchanted, enthralled,
Be the caller, the called,

The singer, the song, and the sung.